Reach your audience with targeted announcements

Key features

  • Easily post and/or email announcements to Users of Corethix
  • Segment announcements and target specific groups of Users
  • Upload any type of announcement in pdf format can be uploaded into the library
  • Notify users when new announcements are launched
  • Monitor user’s read/unread status of announcements
  • Make all announcements accessible in one central location
  • Users have access to announcements anywhere, anytime and on any device.


Get the message across and ensure your announcements and messages are recognised by all users
Define specific user groups or locations and target the right audience with particular announcements
Update your people about important topics and encourage engagement in the platform

Create a culture of integrity. Get started today

Corethix is a conduct risk solution that helps organisations create a culture of integrity by engaging all of your people on their key employment, risk and compliance obligations whilst providing a holistic view of how conduct risk is being managed across the business.

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