Corethix has launched a significant update to the Certificates Module to create the ability for administrators to set up required skills certification for each user. This new feature highlights to all users which skill certificates are required to be uploaded and keep valid based on their role in the organisation. It also allows administrators to easily search and monitor users’ certification status and follow up as required. Before any certificate becomes expired, the system automatically sends out a reminder email to the user with a copy to the administrator.

The skills certification types are not limited, and so can include first aid, working with children, driver’s licence, technical qualifications, safety induction, responsible serving of alcohol and any other type of certifications required for each role in the organisation.

The certification types can also include Covid vaccination status which can be easily monitored for each user in the organisation.

If required, administrators can now configure a category owner(s) to be responsible for the review and verification of uploaded certificates for each category. This can be very helpful for large organisations and when certificate verification requires specialist knowledge.

The certificates dashboard view has also been updated to include a search function for those users who have not yet uploaded any of their required certifications. The search function can also display unverified, verified, and expired certificates.

The updated Certificates Module is now live for all Corethix customers, plus there is a new version of the training manual in the Tutorial section which provides the details of how to set up user skills, create certificate types and monitor certification status on the dashboard.