With this new software update you can now create many different survey types.

Corethix has recently launched a significant update to the Survey module to streamline the creation of custom surveys and include additional survey question types which include:

multi choice – for the users to pick the single correct answer from a selection.

checkbox – for the users to enter multiple correct answers.

star type - for the users to select a rating point from 5 standard or customisable rating levels.

single and multi-textbox – for the users to input a text response into a single line or multi line textbox.

comment textbox – for the users to input comments.

date – for the users to input a specific date.

file upload – for the users to upload files or photos.

For advanced administrators, points can be allocated against each response to provide a more detailed analysis of the survey responses. The points against each question can be ‘-‘ or ‘+’ to provide a bias to correct and incorrect answers.

The updated Survey module is now available to all Corethix customers, plus there is a new version of the training manual in the Tutorial section which provides the details of how to create and launch surveys.